About castle*

Castle Funds is an investment firm that has been managing funds invested in Bitcoin and other digital currencies since 2017.

Castle Fund Partners LP

Castle Fund Partners LP seeks participation in Bitcoin (BTC) upside price movements, while avoiding downside exposure, and utilizes proprietary trading signals, futures contracts, and options on futures contracts (collectively, the “Castle Strategy”), to achieve its investment objectives. Castle Strategy execution is rules-based and applied to the portfolio through Castle’s integrated trading, fund management, and custody secured platform.

Castle Magnus Bitcoin Fund LP

Castle Magnus Bitcoin Fund LP (the “Fund”) seeks to replicate the performance of an unmanaged Bitcoin (BTC) portfolio. The Fund provides investors with secure third-party custody, timely K-1 preparation, monthly fund reporting, and a comprehensive investor portal. Castle’s integrated network of trading partners, fund administrators, banking relationships, and insured custodians present fund investors with an efficient solution for long-term BTC diversification.

The Castle Digital Asset Index Strategy seeks to track the performance of the proprietary Castle Digital Assets Index (the “Index”). The Index invests in the five largest digital assets (as measured by market capitalization) meeting the Index inclusion criteria (collectively, the “Strategy”). The key attributes of the Strategy are to provide investors with diversification, security and operational efficiency. The Strategy invests only in digital assets, and the criteria for inclusion in the Index requires that the index components be liquid, tradable on recognized digital asset exchanges, are eligible for investment by accredited US persons, and qualify for third-party custody at stable, established custodians. The maximum weighting of any single asset in the portfolio is 35%. The Strategy will guide the selection of digital assets for inclusion in an IDF offered by certain life insurance and annuity carriers.

Compliance & Regulation

Castle is fundamentally built on real-world regulatory, compliance, and security standards.  We maintain the following registrations and the policies, procedures, and reporting requirements associated with them:
- Castle Analytics (Castle) is a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) subject to regulation by the
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
- Castle is also a Member of the National Futures Association (NFA) and is subject to the NFA rules
- Castle is an Exempt Reporting Adviser subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
- Castle is also licensed by the California State Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI)
-We file “blue sky” licenses for each state in which one of our limited partners resides.

Proprietary Technology Platform (Gatehouse)
Castle’s integrated trading, fund management, and custody secured platform provides a turn-key solution for adding digital currency to a well-balanced portfolio.  Gatehouse can be licensed by third party RIA's or wealth managers. The platform provides a centralized dashboard at the firm level, with information such as fund size, fee levels and revenue forecasts.
*The Castle Funds are only available to eligible and qualified investors. Please read the Fund(s) Offering Documents prior to investing.