Dan Serfaty
Systems Architect

Mr. Serfaty is the Systems Architect of the General Partner. Mr. Serfaty specializes in designing and deploying distributed systems, microservices, and application programming interfaces. Before joining the General Partner as a founding team member in 2018, Mr. Serfaty led one of the core teams at Samsung building the Internet of Things platform SmartThings Enterprise. Prior to joining Samsung in 2013, he led a core team at Hewlett-Packard working on the distributed printing service HPConnected. Mr. Serfaty began his career in software development in 1996 with the startup Quick Studio, and has worked at numerous startups and corporations including CloudTalk and EMC Documentum. Mr. Serfaty earned a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Paris VI Jussieu and Post-graduate degree in Human-Machine Interface from the University of Paris XI Orsay.

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